the forest dark



I write and sing songs, play guitar and make noise out of a myriad of other musical instruments. I call Sydney, where I have been performing for several years now, home

I have performed at scores of venues, some small, some large, in and around Sydney as well as at folk clubs and festivals further afield....oh yeah, and I have been known to play the odd university and college too

I have done some session guitar work and have played a variety of styles of music in a variety of bands, none of which, to my knowledge, have achieved much fame. In regards to the latter, band politics and egos seemed to get in the way more often than not, leading to my eventual decision to become a solo act

As a solo performer, I have shared the stage with other artists too numerous to count, some achieving various levels of fame, most achieving very little to none. My solo performances comprise myself plus an acoustic guitar and, in recent times, on the rare occasion, a tenor banjo

I taught myself how to sing and play and first attempted penning songs as soon as I could string a couple of chords together. I suffer a phobia of being pigeonholed and am by no means a purist when it comes to playing any particular genre. I cannot attribute my music to any one style; however, when need be, I would label my music alternate or new folk/blues/rock.  I find itís best to let the music speak for itself and, from feedback I have received, have found that the listener always has their own opinion as to which pigeonhole they feel my music should fit into