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The sun it kissed my brow today

Even the mirror made me look okay

Got this melody spinning around inside my head

I'll ride the carousel before I forget


Penning words that don't mean too much

I try to reach and can almost touch

One of those feelings you just can't explain

Soaked me to the bone like pouring rain


Today for a moment I feel alive

Busy bee buzzing around without a hive

Anything's possible I almost believe

I'm high on just the breath that I breathe


Michael Azzopardi


I Spy

song notes


Tell me what you want me to see

Be my eyes see for me

Tell me what I'm supposed to find

I might be lazy but I'm not blind


If seeing's believing


If seeing's believing

Do you believe, believe in yourself?



I spy with my little eye

something beginning with why

I spy with my little eye

won't you tell me why?


Some things you just know for certain

I tried my best but it's not working

To understand what's on your mind

You won't tell me you've got your pride

foolish pride


If seeing's believing

what do you see when you look at yourself?

If seeing's believing

Do you believe, believe in yourself?




When are you going to open your eyes?

You are you and I am I

And who are you to criticise?

To speak of truth living a lie


If seeing's believing

what do you see when you look at yourself?

If seeing's believing

You've got to believe, believe in yourself


I spy with my little eye

something beginning with why

I spy with my little eye

something beginning with why

I spy with my little eye

won't you tell me why?


Michael Azzopardi



song notes


I'd like to be on my own

Tell them there's no-one home

Tell them to come tomorrow

Say the same when tomorrow comes



I'm going nowhere fast

I'm going nowhere slow

I'm going nowhere at all

'cause that's where I like to go


My mind is like a room

I keep the windows closed

Your world is like a tomb

it's damp and dark and cold


Sometimes I come outside

But I never stay very long

I hide between the lines

and speak my mind through the song




All I have I have borrowed

very few things are my own

To this life I always owe

life to mind blood to stone


I watch the candle flames

I watch the wax as it flows

Even though my life's been tamed

it gives such a warm bright glow




Hear the clock on the wall

It's hands move so slow

Some race them then they fall

and live their lives wondering where it goes




Michael Azzopardi



Taking the You Out of Us

song notes


Taking the you out of us

what's the point?

Making good your holy vowel

Awaiting an angel to anoint


WhY Oh yoU don't see the need

to prolong the crucifixion

Laying blame on the powers that be

Martyrdom born of fiction


You thank me for my constancy

But I'm not fuelled by sacrifice

And still you criticise my blood's consistency

But I never claimed to be christ


Yes I'd love to hate you

Just as much as I hate this loving

Because once I thought you my saviour

But now you've become my nothing

my nothing


Taking the you out of us

Can you tell me what is left

Are you Mary and I Judas?

What sin should I confess?

What a mess


Michael Azzopardi


Bells of St Andrew's

song notes


Today the sun is sleeping

The clouds they are weeping

washing the colours to grey

Under the bells of St Andrew's

An old man in yesternews

Silently sleeping the day away


Well it's too late for praying

that's what they're saying

go on fool just get away

But that's just the problem

there's too much promise

to say it's all a waste anyway


Well today I'm not worried

today I'm in no hurry

Guess I'll just let me escape

Well life's an illusion

Someone else's confusion

But that's okay I'll take the blame


Seasons keep turning

I'm too dumb for learning

Keep on making the same old mistakes

Well I've lost my direction

Can't make a connection

Everything seems so vague


Today the sun is sleeping

The clouds they are weeping

But they won't wash the smile from my face

Under the bells of St Andrew's

An old man in yesternews

Silently passes away


Michael Azzopardi


Cafe Song #1 (Catch of the Day)

song notes


Could I help you? yes certainly

The waitress taking my order questioningly repeats my every word

As if what I've said is totally absurd or I have wax in my throat

Cappuccinos with synthetic froth

High heeled ladies in brightly coloured frocks

Department store bags bearing names more important

than their contents are


Image is expensive here, lack of detrimental

This social clime is so ordered nearly regimental

Like little plastic soldiers running from the sun

Dwelling in glass caves where the latest fashions are hung

To some this must be impressive

at least to the gullible and naive

To me it's all a bit too obsessive all this glitter and this sheen


You can sell anything here you can determine the norm

If my looks were novel you'd probably find me hanging in a store

This waitress is ever so obliging perhaps she wants a tip

she's an attractive lady but I wonder if she knows

I can see her slip?

Everything is random, selective yet lacking choice

This waitress has a European arrogance in her voice


Well, behind me two ladies conversing

One says making money perhaps that's not what it's all about

I'm surprised her question exists it's not even worth the doubt

Sometimes I can imagine the rules and the schools

which brought them here

It's the difference between the spoiled and the impoverished

who could never afford to buy from the school canteen

some had uniforms pressed, starched almost tailored

one set for every day

some wore mix and match and their clothes

did not grow with they


Every store has a sale Fifty percent off the

one hundred percent marked up price

I swear you could sell an apple

convincing them it was a vanilla slice

Nothing is free everything is exclusive

until you see someone dressed the same as you

We all need acceptance this is true

but fishing with bait called pretence

catches only fish that are out to bite you

out to bite you


Michael Azzopardi



song notes


The man in the moon the girl and the spoon

Carousels of witches on brooms

spinning spinning spinning shadows and dreams

Your dull eyes once sparkled back moonbeams



One two three four five six ten

ready or not it's coming again

Fee fi fo fum

I smell the blood as it runs


Silver snakes on black web lace

stories written on lines of face

Blood red roses wilt in the vase

Well take my hand let's dance on Mars




Aging children ringing the rose

candle flames and wax tears flow

pink papered walls and nursery rhymes

Will mother come sing you a lullaby?




The man with the spoon says lick the bowl

you're no longer frightened of growing old

These thankless misgivings on which you feast

take a look in the mirror and see the beast




Michael Azzopardi


Potbelly Penguins

song notes


Potbelly penguins perform posingly

Parading perfection in social amnesty

Inebriated and drooling with slurred come-ons

to fine feathered mannequins in sequins at the prom


A fat frog on grog with a fuming fag

complains this party's a real drag

I've been to better he boasts and he brags

I only came out because my wife's such a nag


A furry feline with finely painted claws

preying on perverts she could gnash in her jaws

She knows they're watching but pretends to ignore

And sighs all these pussies and wimps are making me bored


Fickle and fancy the fashionable freak

with a mouthful of fables he comes fore to speak

to adoring eyes and drooling ears

with about as much content as the heads on their beers


Michael Azzopardi


Between Tides

song notes


High tide I came in on the last wave

High tide either cowardly or brave

And I mind the things that you say

I've tried excuses all in vain

Decide are we friend or are we foe

Too tired just to let it all flow



We sail around searching for common ground

but I swear it'd be easier to drown

We're lost that's what I've found

But I know it will all come back around

Between tides


Low tide we've drifted out again

Low tide don't you think we're in for rain?

So polite trying our best not to offend

But sometimes it gets so hard to pretend

I lied saying you mean that much to me

Only came back 'cause I was feeling lonely




Michael Azzopardi



song notes


Spare a penny for the beggar

a bandaid for the pain

Dress according to the weather

Take an umbrella for the rain

Drink when you are thirsty

Eat when you are starved

Clean yourself if you're dirty

but what if you can't

heaven knows



That I'm just a child

waiting to take form

and I don't want to die

never being born


The moon is not the sun

and the sun is not the moon

So before you sing your song

you'd best learn the tune

before you learn to run

you'd best learn how to walk

And before you learn to fly

you'd best learn how to fall

This I know




Lately I've been blind

to the most obvious things

it seems I need to be reminded of the living

We only take for granted things

because we know we can

never mind who you are

if I don't know who I am

I understand




Michael Azzopardi


Sleeping in a Dream

song notes



Dreamed I was dreaming

Dreamed I was asleep

I woke to find me sleeping

I was sleeping in a dream


Seeing more than we'd choose to see

I looked at you as you looked at me

Anger you said it empowers me

makes me whole makes me one

But that's just your impression

I'm not sure it makes much sense at all


Once you cut fresh flowers for me

knowing full well beauty made me envious

Read aloud my poetry

to remind me of my emptiness


Today I was watching the world pass by upside down

In the reflections that the rain had made on the ground

Viewing it all from this perspective

Wasting my time simply reflecting

On all the anger I could not release

And all those feelings that would never cease





drinking dry the spirit let me fill your cup

Let's toast the passing day before the sun comes up

I'm not concerned with the passing I'm not drawn to what might be

for everything comes without asking and in like fashion it leaves

Hush and you may hear a silent screaming of sighs

and though your eyes are tearing soon they will be dry

I can feel it coming you can feel it in the air

What's the point of running it will follow you everywhere

I don't really look like that do I? this can't be me

Do we all see the same things through our eyes what do we see?

Who put my nose on crooked?

Who put these lines upon my face?

Who could be so stupid my features to misplace?




Michael Azzopardi


All Out of Words

song notes


All out of words or just out of thoughts

Bottomless words overflowing in drought

Come tide I shall stand expectant at the shore

So I may wade and bathe in the wounds of inner war


What draws me to verse of saddening ode

Craving lament that is fashioned in stone

Such a benevolent sculpture erected alone

To lay monumental witness to this hallowless home


Of temperance I was born under weight of humility

Of restrained virtue and unthinking civility


Is all that one sacrifices for stature given in vain?

When in the end decaying flesh is all that will remain

And as for the memories as etched upon stone

So too shall we our lives be carried whilst there be bone

So mark well your existence plot well your course

for there are much greater gifts one can leave

other than remorse

other than remorse


Michael Azzopardi


Sir Pent's Lament

song notes


It just doesn't seem to make much sense anymore

to base my life on what I choose to ignore

Ignorance like a worm in apple eats to the core

feeding itself on the flesh of inner war


Seed of day bloomed to bear fruit

from a tree of knowledge I once took root

Shaken by winds of change I fell

To gain remnants of the knowledge I dispelled


There is a serpent that lives down deep inside of me

That seduces and entices me into believing that I am as Eve

Adam waging pitiful war not to concede

The Serpent keeping score if only we understood we are all three


Come members of my past that led me here

and bear witness to your ignorance that clothed me in this fear

Fearing chance to remove these masks

that you may see me as I am

If I removed them in seeing my face would you just laugh


Like a  jack-in-the-box my anger is suppressed

Anger now stored from all the tears the hinges are rusted tight

Can't you see I'm suffocating I just want to break through

I just want you to see I'm as good and as bad as you

As good and as bad as you


Michael Azzopardi